Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe is the only approved recombinant, liquid, ready-to-inject human chorionic gonadotropin (r-hCG). Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe mimics the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), which triggers the final step in the follicular phase. The premixed, prefilled syringe contains 250 mcg of r-hCG in a 0.5cc solution.

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    What are the uses of Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe (choriogonadotropin alfa injection)?

    Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe contains recombinant human choriogonadotropin alfa (hCG), an injectable hormone. This is the hormone that causes your eggs to finish maturing and be released. You may be given Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe to complete this final stage of your cycle. Doctors specializing in infertility or reproductive health prescribe Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe to those women trying to have a child but for a variety of reasons need medical assistance. After a thorough medical exam to determine your specific medical condition, your doctor may prescribe Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe because you require hormone replacement or supplementation as part of your treatment program. Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe may be one of several drugs prescribed to a patient as part of a treatment program.

    Who should not use Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe?

    Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe should not be used in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, in patients with primary ovarian failure (the ovaries no longer produce eggs), or in patients with allergies to hCG or any other ingredients in the medication.

    Patients with cancer of the sex organs or brain, or with uncontrolled thyroid or adrenal disease, should not use Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe. Women with a history of abnormal bleeding from the uterus or vagina or with swollen, enlarged, or painful ovaries should speak to their doctor before starting treatment.

    In infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and ovulation induction (OI), Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe should not be administered until adequate follicular development is indicated by serum estradiol and vaginal ultrasonography.

    Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe administration should be withheld in situations where there is an excessive ovarian response, as evidenced by multiple follicular development, clinically significant ovarian enlargement or excessive estradiol production.

    What are the possible side effects of Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe?

    Your doctor should review with you the risks and benefits of using Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe. As with any medication, report any and all side effects, symptoms, or physical changes to your doctor.

    Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe can cause serious side effects including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and lung and blood vessel problems. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience severe pain or bloating in the stomach or pelvic area, severe upset stomach, vomiting, or weight gain.

    Use of fertility drugs can be associated with fertilization of more than one egg. This can lead to complications for the mother and the birth of two or more babies.

    The most common side effects in women using Ovidrel® PreFilled Syringe include abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Needle injections may cause some discomfort.