Here for you and your lab

EMD Serono Fertility Technologies offers a comprehensive range of clinical and technical support services. Our goal is to provide a valuable and reliable aftercare service that enables users to maximize the value of our products. 

Flexible Service Solutions

Dedicated Local Fertility Technologies teams.
Highly skilled embryologists and clinical applications engineers that understand the IVF lab workflow and environment.
Education and training.
To improve user experience, optimize the learning curve, and enable the lab staff to operate the systems with confidence.
Quality control and system maintenance.
Close follow-up from our dedicated teams provide reassurance and a high level of assistance for your clinic.
Next-day delivery.
Spare parts delivered to ensure minimal disruption to your clinical service.
Remote support.
Ensures minimal interruptions.

Beyond Traditional Service to Meet Your Clinic’s Needs

In order to offer an optimal experience to our customers, the role of our dedicated Fertility Technologies team is expanded beyond a purely reactive role.

Clinical Application Engineers provide:
  • Initial lab assessment and equipment installation
  • Onsite technical support and training, including preventative maintenance, technical training of lab staff, repairs, and component replacement
  • New hardware installations, software updates, and upgrades
Fertility Technologies Embryologists provide:
  • Onsite, hands-on training
  • Workflow mapping and analysis
  • Advice on the science behind our devices and guidance on best practices for optimal performance of our devices
  • Follow-up and advanced training, including new product releases, software updates, and more
  • Feedback and experience collection for further improvement of new releases
Get the support you need.