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Meet Gidget™

Gidget™ is an electronic witnessing and workflow visualization system with handheld scanners and a centralized computer to help your IVF lab increase security, manage workflow, and automate recordkeeping.

How Gidget™ works

Streamline your chain of custody

Point to visualized workflow

A unified display of daily activity can be viewed on a large monitor in the lab so the entire team can easily visualize development progress.

  • Displays and updates the status of active patients

  • Allows staff to provide updates to patients without interrupting embryologists


Wave goodbye to witnessing interruptions

Handheld devices help add efficiency and security by instantly verifying patient identification from a code on each specimen container. This assists embryologists by:

  • Locking the patient cycle’s progress in case of a mismatch1

  • Warning the embryologist immediately of any deviations from prescribed procedure order1

  • Requiring justification for skipped critical steps

Tap into automated recordkeeping

Gidget™ centralizes specimen identification, allowing every procedure to be documented, tracked, and accessed at any time in the system’s database.

  • Traces every scan back to individual staff members1

  • Increases transparency with cycle history and witness reports

  • Automates the recordkeeping of every detail

Gidget™ can help your lab by:

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